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    Opportunity for food machinery industry bottleneck
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    food machinery industry in china started late, the overall level is relatively backward compared to developed countries such as america and europe. independent development ability is weak, inadequate investment in scientific research, industry, most enterprises do not have a high level of technical r & d capability. at present, many of china's advanced food machinery and equipment mainly rely on foreign imports, products with independent intellectual property rights are rarely.

    at present, the food machinery industry development bottleneck and other problems, and dealing with the economic trend in transition enterprises. china's current food machinery independent production are mainly to middle and low, still rely on the introduction of foreign high-tech core technology, intangible product cost is high, and many products with low added value, the high price of equipment is difficult to be widely used.

    although the domestic food machinery enterprise rapid development in recent years, but still can not meet the huge demand for food processing. the development of food machinery has entered a period of structural adjustment, but also requires the food machinery manufacturers to cooperate, multiple input technology, combined with the actual situation in china, production more in line with the equipment for food processing in china. and all government departments have attached considerable importance to the processing of agricultural products and food processing industry, it also created a favorable policy environment and market environment for food machinery factory. opportunities and risks always coexist, good chance encounter bottleneck is also transformation and development.

    there are many domestic food machinery enterprises, blindly imitate the products by other manufacturers, the use of inferior raw materials to reduce the cost of the product, to compete for greater market share, but this approach only solution as pressing danger, go down for a long time will only put enterprise into a dead end. all enterprises should actively develop more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, high quality food machinery more efficient. the enterprises should implement the cooperation strategy, change the internal conditions and environment, the adjustment of industrial structure, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, enterprises should also be more exchanges, more cooperation, more to the food processing factory and catering companies understand the actual demand, the market demand is the vitality of enterprises.

    at present, the food machinery industry in china is still in the initial stage of development, the market is still in the period of instability. food machinery industry in china in order to achieve rapid development, first of all, enterprises must continuously upgrade the quality and level of product, from manufacturing to create change, gradually narrowed the gap with the international advanced enterprises. secondly, should continue to standardize the market, the establishment and improvement of industry standards, so that enterprises in the development of a standardized market. third, the enterprises should avoid the price war, to establish a benign competition atmosphere. fourth, china's vast territory and abundant resources, large population, the local economic development and a different way of life, so the manufacturers to survey, according to the regional differences, economic affordability, actively develop suitable for all the needs of different users of the products, to meet consumer demand. fifth, to strengthen the marketing and service channels, enhance brand awareness, solidarity, work together, so as to ensure the food machinery industry can be healthy, healthy development.

    as the gold industry, in recent years, china's food machinery development faster, has access to the adjustment of product structure, improve the ability of innovation and development and development period in line with international standards. how to improve the level of the whole industry, china food machinery network xiaobian think, only by continuous technological innovation can find a way out, the combination of science and technology, humanities, environmental protection and other social theme perfect to produce food machinery class, which has a long history of food machinery.


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