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    Quality and safety is the eternal theme of the development of food machinery
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    the law of food safety food machinery classified in food related products, which belongs to the "used in food production and operation process of the tools, equipment," -- food or food additives, production, circulation, use process in direct contact with food or food additives, machinery, piping, conveyor belts, containers, utensils, tableware, etc.. an important aspect of food machinery as a food related products, countries in the food safety law and its implementing regulations of food production equipment make demands.

    recently, jiangsu inspection and quarantine bureau of changzhou continuous detection of two batch of imported food processing equipment heavy metal content exceed the standard. it is understood, the two batch processing equipment are the domestic food production enterprises from foreign imports of stainless steel cutting tool used for food production, respectively, meat grinder and stainless steel cutter head.

    "the amount of soluble heavy metal, refers to the stainless steel products at a specific solution, overflow detection of heavy metals." if the dissolved amount exceed the standard, means the food processing equipment in use process, there may be heavy metals into the food, the food safety problem. in recent years, people pay attention to food safety at the same time, more and more attention to the safety of food packaging, but ignored the food processing machinery, apparatus. in fact, compared with the food packaging, scope and quantity affect the health and safety of food processing machinery, equipment of food security is greater, because it may more batches, substantial and sustained contamination of food, food security threat.

    to this end, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant food production enterprises: to improve the safety consciousness, safety and health value of food processing machinery, equipment and instruments in direct contact with the food in the food production process; to choose a legitimate suppliers, must not be to seek interests and choice of food processing equipment of poor quality; to actively cooperate with the inspection and quarantine departments do not in accordance with processing equipment requirements resolutely returned, to avoid aggravating domestic food safety hazards.

    health and safety production is related to the health of consumers, food industry is crucial to the health, and design of machinery and equipment is one of the primary factors of product safety. therefore, every parts of equipment must be achieved without accumulation of product residues, soil microorganisms, and easy to clean, this is the only way to eliminate harmful microbes. at the same time, take control and inspection measures in the whole process of production and packaging, but also the important guarantee of safety. when necessary, to ensure the traceability of the products. in order to facilitate the process of tracking, response control and factory data preservation. all these measures will improve product safety.

    based on the global food safety is becoming more and more serious, the research and application of the developed countries to the safety in production technology of food machinery is very seriously, are making safety and health to start to food processing from food machinery design. there are two ways: one is to develop specifications for food machinery technology perfect; two is the design, manufacture and application in accordance with the technical specification strictly organize food machinery. in this technical specification, the main mechanical safety and health food machinery requirements, its content covers food machinery design and manufacturing, equipment selection and matching, equipment installation and verification link, through the international food machinery research, development, manufacturing requirements. our country food machinery manufacturing industry to be in line with international, must conform to the requirements of the safety and health technology, it belongs to the basic conditions of the food machinery in line with international standards.

    the food industry as a sunrise industry has great potential for development, the development of the food industry depend on the development of food machinery industry. food machinery modernization level in the world is a measure of an important symbol of national food industry development. contemporary food machinery technology is moving towards the production of high efficiency, high utilization of food resources, high energy saving products and high-tech practical direction. in the rapid development of food machinery industry today, "quality, safety" has become the eternal theme.

    "name of food, food security is the first" the future development of the food industry needs equipment all our food machinery enterprise to provide a safe, reliable, health guarantee, let us work together to provide consumers with safe and healthy products and common efforts!


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